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When buying a car, the CO2 emissions are often an important criterion for the purchase decision of the consumer. It is specified how many grams of CO2 is emitted by a vehicle when it covers a distance of one kilometre. The unit of gCO2/km is easy to understand and to compare. Imagine, your chimney sweeper can determine not only the fine dust, CO and NOX, emissions of your heating system but also the CO2 equivalent in gCO2/kWh. He would then measure the following values depending on the fuel/energy used:

Source: 1) IWU Kumulierter Energieaufwand und CO2-Emissionsfaktoren verschiedener Energieträger und –versorgungen

Through specific extraction of carbon, the CO2 level in the atmosphere is reduced with the pyrolysis process. The benefit for the environment can be clearly seen when looking at a representation that shows the amount of heat. With respect to the existing biomass, the advantage is not so obvious. Even in case of the pyrolysis process, the output depends on the input. If very good Biochar is produced with lowest emission levels and almost all the heat can be utilised, then everything what can be technically achieved is accomplished. BIOMACON machines get very close to this process optimum!

Our primary objective is not to produce "even better" Biochar , but to make our technology more convenient, more reliable and more affordable. The area of application will range from large scale processes, for example in power stations up to domestic pellet heaters.

Apart from systematic energy saving, there is currently no alternative to this method.

Our technology improves soil fertility and reduces harmful effects of CO2 in the atmosphere. This innovative and environmentally responsible technology is available here and now. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us anytime by e-mail or by telephone at +49 5023 9000254. We would love to hear from you!

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BioMaCon GmbH was established in 2003 with its headquarter located in Rehburg, Germany. We work with cutting-edge technology: modern machinery and the latest software. Our competent, highly motivated team is always ready to help you with any questions you may have regarding the conversion of biomass into energy. We are happy to assist you.
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