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Our machines follow strict physical laws. It is impossible to get more than these laws allow. For this we get less. We try everything, to keep the "less" as small as possible.

Because, biomass is a valuable commodity!

Heat Shield Technology
The Heat Shield technology developed by BIOMACON uses an internal water jacket which surrounds the entire converter. In that way, the thermal efficiency complies with the latest standard of modern heating systems and is therefore a pioneering tool for resource conserving use of biogenic raw materials.

BIOMATRONIC dialogue control
Even untrained persons will find it easy to work with the BIOMATRONIC dialogue control. In the dialogue menu are separate programs stored for the various applications. The machine can be switched to the different modes simply by tapping on the menu buttons.  The standard version has stored the following programs: HEAT CONTROLLED SUMMER AND WINTER SERVICE; HIGH QUALITY, PREMIUM AND COMMERCIAL BIOCHAR SERVICE; and ANIMAL FOOD.  The BIOMATRONIC is permanently connected with the BIOMACON server and the customers’ machines. Remote control via computer or smartphone is included in the basic configuration.

Through re-circulation of exhaust gases, the Low-NOx burner’s flame temperature is electronically regulated to temperatures of 950° to 1050°, resulting in extremely low concentration of nitrogen oxide. Low-NOx means ‘small amount of nitrogen oxide”.  Long dwelling time in the afterburning chamber enables the complete reaction of all gas. All these measures ensure excellent emission values.

The BIOMACON MONO SCREW with double bearing is extremely robust and requires only one movable component. Metal-on-metal friction is ruled out. Chrome and nickel remain in the machine and do not get accidently absorbed in the biochar.

High temperature reformer
The production of biochar of very high quality is enabled through long retention time within the high temperature reformer.  Optionally, the machine can be equipped with a gas or steam activator. The temperature in the coal can then easily rise to above 1000°C.

The BIOMACON compact converters are designed for everyday continuous operation!

In addition to top quality materials, a coherent and consistent design is indispensible for. Our systems do not require gas pipes. Depending on the quality of the raw material is cleaning intervals of over 2000h not unusual. The BIOMATRONIC displays the degree of contamination and suggests an additional timeframe for the next cleaning interval.

Model size Body Surface Biochar Thermal output
S 1000 x 2000 6,2kg/h 25-40kW
M 1000 x 2500 9,7kg/h 35-63kW
L 1500 x 2200 13,8kg/h 50-100kW
XL 1500 x 2700 24,1kg/h 80-160kW
XXL 1500 x 3200 34,2kg/h 125-250kW
n x XL Designed according to local conditions

industrial CO- firing systems

BIOMACON compact converters
are heat driven and designed according to required heat consumption. They are available in different sizes. The modulating output control automatically adapts to the required heat consumption. The list shows only some examples.
Even industrial CO- firing systems in all sizes and at moderate investment costs are easy to implement. The converter is in such systems only a part of the existing or to be established overall system.
Well suited for BIOMACON CO- firing systems are power plants, incinerators, cement plants, sugar factories, dairies and all processes where a lot of heat is needed.
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Prerequisite for a solid product is not only a good engineering. Equally important is a good craftsmanship. BIOMACOM machines are built according to the European standard EN 303-5 "Heating boilers for solid fuels, manually and automatically stoked, nominal heat output of up to 500 kW – Terminology, requirements, testing and marking". With this standard, it is easy to get an official permit for our customers.

Our technology improves soil fertility and reduces harmful effects of CO2 in the atmosphere. This innovative and environmentally responsible technology is available here and now. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us anytime by e-mail or by telephone at +49 5023 9000254. We would love to hear from you!

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